Many parents are skeptical when it comes to allowing their children to play video games. Today the games are available in so many devices. If you refuse to buy them game consoles, they can still get the games in mobile phones so denying them the chance to play is an effort in futility. What you can do is regulate how long they spend playing the game especially on a sunny day. They can play their games for a while before they go out for a little sun and relaxation.

Reasons why video games are good for your child

Coordination improvement

Video games require the use of different parts of the body. Usually the hands, eyes, ears and the brain are involved. These games give your child the challenge to use all these body parts at the same time so as to win the games.

Child To Play Video Games

Improvement in ability to solve problems

These video games require a solution to be found. It does not matter which game he is playing but for him to win he needs to overcome certain obstacles. This is only possible if your child is able solve the problem and many children are actually able to progress to higher tougher levels because they have managed to figure out what to do to win.

Memory enhancement

Ever given a child your phone and they somehow find their way without your input. They learn by observing you and eventually get it right. The same applies to video games. They fool around with it until they know what they supposed to do. They eventually know what the icon that has their favorite game looks like, where to find it and more importantly, how to play it.

Increases attention span

Many children have a very short attention span. They easily lose interest in something faster than you can blink. However, many are able to sit through a video game until they win. This helps increase their concentration levels and very soon, you will notice your child spending more time attentive on one thing.

Improves the speed of the brain

Video games are about speed and accuracy. A child who plays video games is able to react faster to situations thanks to the exposure to video games. The training received from the video games is actually a life skill imparted on the child that sometimes you need to be fast if you want to survive.

Introduces multitasking skills

Video games allow the child to do many things at the same time. You will notice your child start making efforts to do many things at the same time around the same time he starts playing video games.

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