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ICO Catalog is a service for experienced investors and newcomers. There are ICO ratings and tops, articles and guides, ICO calendar and many other features. Visit it to become more aware of the crypto world.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you probably need a source of reliable and objective information. It’s a must to have a guide not to lose money and time. ICO Catalog was created for everyone who wants to know more about ICOs and follow the tendencies.

Briefly about ICO Catalog

This service provides visitors with a list of coins which are estimated and can be compared. There are almost 300 tokens there. The authors collect the following data about crypto: start and end days, traffic, backlinks, evaluation, activity, potency, messages, and EAP. It’s the first service which takes backlinks into account. After comparing the necessary coins, one will be able to estimate whether they are profitable or not.

Guides and tips for newcomers

On this website, newcomers will find a lot of articles which reveal the secrets of cryptocurrency. By reading them, users will know what is ICO, how to invest in cryptocurrency and how to attract investors to your own coins, which tokens are the best at the present moment and many other facts. It’s a discovery for everyone who just starts this journey.

The advantages of the service

– ICO Catalog represents only objective facts taken from the developers, experts, and real users. It combines all reviews and opinions and shows the result to you.

– Using this site one may add new crypto to the list.

– The rating is up-to-date and being updated every day.

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