Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac OS – Excellent Malware Protection for Your Computer

You have probably heard about Bitdefender Antivirus but wonder how good it is with Mac OS. Let’s discuss it.
Bitdefender Antivirus provides a user with an outstanding protection from malware, rootkit, viruses, and all possible information theft.
The light impact on the system allows performing all kinds of tasks without crashed or long delays. Its sleek and minimalistic design is appealing to the professionals and very easy to understand for the average users.
The affordable prices and high-quality protection made it very popular and best-selling. Go to the official website and see for yourself.
The subscription is automated, lest you worry the antivirus expired. However, you can cancel the subscription anytime. You can protect up to 10 devices per account, just choose the most comfortable option when buying the subscription.
The software has several layers of protection, special malware detection tools, and it recognizes the patterns of ransomware and other threats. Bitdefender added Safe Files and Time Machine to make sure your information will be safe and could be restored. The new improvement protects the specific folder from being accessed by unauthorized programs.
Independent third-party labs’ tests showed 100% detection of malware. In addition to that, the results did not show any false positives, which is impressive.
After you install the program, it’ll run in the background all the time and can cause little delays which are almost unnoticeable. For instance, your mail or attached files can open 2-3 seconds later because the antivirus is checking if it’s not infected. You are not likely to have any delays when you play video games or watch videos.
Bitdefender offers the fastest full scanner of your computer. In addition to full scan, you can run system scans and custom scan (where you pick a specific folder or file).
The interface of Bitdefender looks modern and convenient, without tons of extra and unnecessary features and information. That’s why it is so easy to use.
The additional features you can use are the VPN and parental control.
Bitdefender’s team of experts work hard to deliver all users automated updated which keep the system safe. You don’t have to remember to check if the updates are available. Neither you need to get annoyed by the pop-up windows reminding about updated. The company does everything setting you free from all the hustle.

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