Friday December 15th 2017

HOW TO: Accept Credit Card Payments on Mobile Devices

From Mashable:

In recent months, a few new mobile payment solutions have launched to allow for accepting credit card payments via mobile devices — a small business owner’s best friend.

In fact, when using one of the available services, retailers of any size — even a farmer’s market vendor, babysitter or upstart vegan donut maker operating out of a kiosk — can start selling their products to anyone with a credit card.

The three services profiled here — Square, Intuit GoPayment and PAYware Mobile — hail from experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned payment veterans, and each offers a slight variation on the same idea that you can accept payments from anyone, everywhere.

These variations, however, are significant depending on the type of business you run and the amount of transactions you plan to process. You can use the information below to help in the decision-making and merchant setup processes. Make sure to pay special attention to transaction fees, hardware costs and merchant restrictions or requirements.

For the in-deptch post on Mashable click here.


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