Safety Exchanges with Bestmixer

If you open the Bestmixer website and watch a video on the main page, you’ll probably want to repeat Mike’s success. He started using this service for cryptocurrency transfers and finally stayed out of problems with the cybercriminal who kept watch over him. We want to understand what helped him to do it.

Understand the problem

The first thing Mike did right wasn’t earning Bitcoin but understanding he isn’t protected. Every cryptocurrency owner should know the risks of being robbed or falling into government’s disgrace which introduces new strict laws. Mixers help to avoid all of them by giving you random coins from strangers throughout the world. There’re no names and addresses, the transfer time can be set by users, the service is SSL protected and Tor-friendly so Bestmixer clients shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Start mixing

Then Mike started mixing coins. It’s very easy: just give cryptocurrency to the service, it’ll mix them with other random coins and give you back. While doing that every user gets a temporary income address which is deleted within 24 hours after the mixing is being finished. The number of recipients’ addresses is huge – one can send coins to 10 addresses at once cryptocurrency mixer.

There’re some functions which caught our attention. For example, the transfer time regulating. You can set it from 10 min. up to 48 hr. Then, we find it great that there’s a guarantee you won’t get the old coins back and get a special letter that you’ve sent money to Bestmixer which can solve problems in future.

Integrate it into your website

Mike didn’t do it but we recommend it to you. Open the “API” section and know how to help buyers and clients on your platform to stay anonymous for free.

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